Worldview Learning is a training and research company for changemakers. We help visionary leaders overcome cynicism and inspire engagement.

We're experts in the deeper psychology of how people communicate.  We use this knowledge to help enterprises achieve meaningful behavior change in the areas of visionary leadership development, consumer insights, change management and corporate social responsibility.

Using an innovative combination of psychometric research, educational workshops and online skills training, we serve changemakers looking to gain deep actionable insights into the worldviews of their target audiences.

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Igniting Inspiration 101: Advanced Empathy Training for Visionaries

This gripping, highly interactive e-learning course is our web based solution to a world suffocated by cynicism. Using advanced social media learning strategies, this course retrains learners to think and listen differently to others. It gives learners a sort of social psychological X-ray into the minds and hearts of others—able to see, feel, and understand challenging situations from our unique worldview lens. And with new empathy ability, Worldview Insights™ will naturally emerge, allowing learners to create business and social breakthroughs that results before would have seemed absolutely unreachable.

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What's New @ Worldview?

The Roberts Worldview Assessment (RWA)

This rigorously validated psychometric instrument is the cornerstone of our assessment approach, measuring all of the key components of a worldview: values-lenses, listening or ‘filtering’ strategies, and social optimism. Based upon groundbreaking worldview research articulated in our founder’s book “Igniting Inspiration: A Persuasion Manual for Visionaries”, this mind-shifting assessment tool seamlessly integrates psychometric data into a dynamically generated Worldview Insights Report © which can be used for a variety of critical leadership development and marketing purposes

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