8 Key Steps to Building a Successful Mobile App

If you are not a developer, building a mobile application is likely to take several months and could cost a lot. Designing your app is yet another significant factor responsible for success of an app in the market. An app developer should concentrate on the UI design, multi-touch gestures for touch –enabled devices and consider platform design standards as well. As the owner of a start-up and mobile app company app instruct the following eight steps to follow;

1) Research the market

The first and mostly important thing you need to do before you get started is to do a research of your idea. Therefore, this stage does not cost much and you can do most of it of yourself. Start by searching the app stores and look for competing products.

2) Talk to potential customers

Talk or ask friends and family about their views on your idea for their honest feedback. If you plan to sell your app, ask them if it is something they would be willing to pay for and if so, how much they are willing to pay for, whether they would make in app purchases, the similar products they use and also would they be willing to switch anyway.

3) Consider your business model

This help to determine whether your business will make money. This is where a higher percentage of your revenues should be earned in the app stores comes through in-app purchases. To achieve this, there are several considerations which should be considered such as; does your app fit into this model and how, whether you will charge people to download your app, will it is free but still have advertising. If this happens, you will probably need to raise several rounds of venture capital like snapchat, pinterest.

4) Define your value proposition

This step help to define if your app is unique and what does it offers. Therefore, the simpler it is to explain, the easier it will be for your audience to understand it. The more unique it is, the more likely the customers will seek it out after you launch.

5) Assemble your team

This is where you should find a talented designer by reviewing portfolios and looking for the previous work that is visual fit with what you are trying to achieve. And therefore, design is more complex than looking of the app. Take time to download and try out apps your potential designers have built.

6) Set a budget

Make sure you have a realistic and manageable budget with room to spare. It is a good idea to allocate as much as 30% of the total for it to be contingent. You will also need to set aside money to work on iterations of your app.

7) Market your app

Once you have the right app for your target market, you should the word out about it, because the app stores have almost twice as many as apps today as they did ago.

8) Keep innovating

Since no app is ever complete, listen to your users and find out what they are asking for. Therefore keep running wish list of features you can build when you have time.

How to Take Care of Yourself While you Code

With more and more graduates taking the road of technology, or more importantly, coding,  it’s of growing importance that these students are aware of the health impacts that coding can have, and how they can prevent and remedy them.

If you are a student currently studying coding, below are some important tips which can help.

It’s All About the Screen

It isn’t just lucky chance that the majority of computer coders wear glasses. And with spending the majority of their time glaring at a computer screen, is it any surprise? Whether you have glasses or it’s too late, if you are spending large amounts of time staring at a computer screen then you need to take some steps to protect your eye health and sight.

Simply taking a break from your screen every 30 minutes to one hour and adjusting your focus can have help to strengthen your eyes and maintain their health. Each time that you take a break, look out the window at a faraway object, put your finger to your face and look at it close-up, and then find a mid-way object.

Next up, It’s Your Keyboard

Unsurprisingly, the keyboard poses the next big health concern for coders. Constant typing on a lower quality keyboard can have serious adverse effects on your the joints in your finger and your wrist, leading to early onset arthritis and general joint problems including RSI.

The best way to prevent straining your finger and hand joints is to take a break. Each time that you adjust your eyesight as mentioned above, take the time to give your fingers a rub, a stretch, and a flex. However, it’s important that you do not crack your knuckles as this can lead to problems of its own.

Lack of Light and Fresh Air

It’s no surprise that many coders can spend hours, if not days at a time without leaving the house and often without showering or changing their clothes. And while this is a matter of preference in the general coding community, it can come with its own set of negative health impacts.

For example, the sun is the best way for your body to increase Vitamin D levels, however, is often not seen by coders. This can lead to a reduction in energy levels and potentially depression. If you are a coder, it’s important that you use services like the Groupon Coupons page for Vitacost to ensure you are continually taking the right type of multi vitamins to keep your body healthy.

Adjust your Posture

Do you know what happens what you get comfortable in your chair and you start to code for hours? Your body starts to adjust itself to that position permanently. This is one of the leading causes to people walking with hunches and people incurring lower back problems.

The easiest way to fix your posture is to simply fix your posture! Use the standard metrics for measuring your monitor, keyboard, and desk heights to ensure that you are working in a comfortable and supported position.

While it may not be the career and lifestyle choice for everybody, coding has become one of the most mainstream ways to gain employment. To ensure that you can stay in the game as long as possible, be sure to monitor your own health and well-being in addition to the tips mentioned above.

When to Choose Hybrid Platforms for Your App Development

So, while the world was abuzz with the apps, the efficiency it was portraying and the impact it had on the day to day life, with a bang ‘cross platform apps’ have managed to steal the limelight.

For those of you, unaware of the novel paradigm which is altering the business environment, here is a little insight on it App development companies.

What are cross platform apps?

As the term indicates, the cross-platform apps refer to the development of mobile apps, which can be utilised on more than one platform.

It’s advent initiated with the growing trend of Bring your device also, known as BYOD. The simple implication is that now, the rather than employees utilising the desktop computers are required to bring their personal mobile device. In fact, there are also the mobile devices which are provided by the company in gaining accessibility to company apps and data.

It is owing to BYOD; it has become imperative for the company to develop their corporate mobile apps and send them to a plethora of mobile devices. The significance of cross-platform app can be understood by the fact that, these different App development companies operate on different networks and at the same time utilise the different operating system. Thus, it is only through a cross-platform app that hassle free working can be availed.

How are the cross platform apps cheaper and more effective?

  • With the cross platform app developers, cost effectiveness is the ace benefit achieved. With the aid of a plethora of tools, there is possible working on a single codebase. The standard language is also unitary which in most of the instance C# is. The code is then executed through compilers that emit native iOS or Android apps. Hence, fewer prices are required.

However, with the native App companies the UK, there are required, separate tools, different APIs and different languages. With different code bases, the maintenance cost becomes high.

  • Again, since the tools utilised are familiar, like the Microsoft VisualStudio, alanguage which is verbatim with techno experts like C#; the in-house developers can pursue fabrication of this app.

This saves money and time.

  • Consistency is achieved through these apps, by syncing or merging across the platforms.

Needless to say, the impact is amazing! This has also led to a surge in cross platform app developers.

What can be ascertainedabout the future of the same?

As for the future, it can be ascertained taking into consideration the present scenario; there will be witnessed a growing development of cross-platform apps. Moreover, again some companies will be providing the same for their employees. The BYOD which is still sparse will become a custom! Hybrid will continue to dominate in the days to come.


There is no doubt that hybrid apps make more sense and have a clear edge in certain scenarios. Considering the cost-effectiveness, the time saving and the consistency attribute associated with the cross-platform app development, it is just apt to go with them. App companies UK all over the world have lapped up this technology and are delivering its benefits to users like never before.

Check out http://theappdevelopers.co.uk for more informations and help.

Top Considerations for Custom Mobile App Design

Mobile app designers are in constant need today as more and more are using apps than ever before. However, when you are dealing with custom mobile app design, it must hit the mark in order to bring success. So, what do you need to consider when it comes to dealing with customization mobile app design? Read on to find out more.

Your Design Must Look Good

First and foremost, you must concentrate on your design. Now, you don’t just have to have an app that looks good but is also fully functioning. A lot of people forget that when it comes to designing their app and it causes them a lot of trouble. However, with a bit of simple thinking you can get a great quality looking app and one that looks highly professional. If the right app development companies are used you can, in fact, get a great looking app and one that keeps people coming back for more. You need to think about the company you use also so that the custom application design stands out for all the right reasons.

Top Considerations for Custom Mobile App Design

The Professional Should Be Considered To Create a Good App

To be honest, dealing with custom mobile app design is not easy. You have a lot that must be done and it can be quite difficult to tackle. After reading this article also visit our top article here. However, when you hire a professional to handle most of the development work, you have one less stress on your shoulders. This is truly going to make your life easier and the app can turn out great. Mobile app designers are going to offer so much for you and they might in fact make things easier all around. It’s a useful solution and something you must consider.

You Shouldn’t Go Over Your Budget

People often pay thousands and thousands to app development companies in order to get custom app design but that shouldn’t be. There are lots of affordable design companies out there and who should be able to help. It would in fact help to set a budget and then to carefully find a company that can work around this budget. If you can’t then you might spend more than you can afford or will ever see again so it’s important not to go over the top. If you are not satisfied with the information you can visit this link:https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2012/06/mobile-considerations-in-user-experience-design-web-or-native/ here.Try creating a budget and sticking to it too otherwise you’ll keep on spending.

Get Great Mobile App Design

Custom mobile app design can be important for thousands and thousands of app designers and yet people don’t always use it. One of the biggest reasons why is simply because it looks far harder than it actually is. When you have people on your side that can help, everything is easier and not as expensive either. There has never been a better time to look into customization and it certain can make the app more appealing. If you can do something a little more in order to bring in the customers that is a great result. However, you need to ensure the budget doesn’t go out the window. Find the best mobile app designers and enjoy your new app.

Is It Possible For A Mobile App Design Company To Reduce Battery Consumption?

One major concern for many mobile app development companies has to be the battery consumption. Now, for the most part, apps can be more than useful but they do consume a lot of battery life and it gets most users frustrated and annoyed. Since the apps use up more battery, users use the apps at a reduced rate in order to save battery. However, is there any real way for developers and designs to reduce the battery consumption? Read on to find out more.

Using Battery Life-Savers

In all honesty, there are ways in which a mobile app design company can in fact reduce all battery consumption. For instance, software can be used to help reduce the amount of battery being used and this can be ideal. Battery life-savers are excellent and users can also play their part by using battery saving software. If you need good information online visit this site:http://theappdevelopers.co.uk here. This is one major obstacle to overcome and it’s very much possible to deal with too. App designers will be able to keep the battery consumption at a bare minimum and help to make it last longer and more enjoyable. You have to remember, users are put off when apps waste all their battery life.

Is It Possible For A Mobile App Design Company To Reduce Battery Consumption

Can All Apps Waste Battery Power?

For the most part, batteries are drained with apps and while there are one or two apps that use up less power, most use it up greatly. This can be a very difficult thing to overcome and without battery saving software, there isn’t much for designers and developers to fall back on. It’s a real issue and something in which thousands are struggling with also. In truth, people don’t like apps that waste their batteries and try not to use them as much. App development companies will be able to offer the best apps and maybe even help keep battery consumption to a low.

Dealing With Battery Issues?

There is more research that is needed when it comes to dealing with battery loss. Right now, far too many have problems using their apps for a prolonged period of time without losing their battery life at the same time. For most people, it’s a real issue and one that is causing a lot of trouble. It has become a necessity to find bigger and better ways to reduce battery consumption and ensure it lasts longer. After reading this article you should also read more on our link:http://www.worldviewlearninginc.com/important-considerations-for-mobile-app-designing/ here. App designers must do their bit too in order to have their apps become more popular. People will turn away if it uses too much!

Prevent Low Battery Life

Low battery life plagues a lot of smart phones and tablet PCs and it’s frustrating users. The trouble is that the battery is being consumed with the endless apps we use and they need to be changed. It is very much possible to reduce battery consumption in the development phase; it’s not going to be easy but it’s possible. However, more research is needed so that more can be done in the future. App development companies can improve battery life to and prevent wasted power.


Important Considerations for Mobile App Designing!

App developers UK really needs to ensure their design phase hits the mark in order to be a success. Finding success in the app market is not as easy as you might think and there are a few things you need to consider before tackling the design phase. So, what are the most important considerations to think of and can they really help you? Read on to find out more.

Choose a Platform that’ll give Your App a Great Start

You can always make your app available in more platforms the more popular it gets but firstly you should start off with one platform and one only. For example, if you wanted to start with the Android platform you could enter the market and see how well the app is received. If the app gets a warm reception and there is a big call for it, you could always move onto other platforms. This is very important to consider so that you don’t get in too over your head and end up a bit confused. What’s more, app designers will have a tough enough time designing one site, never mind creating a multi-platform app.

Important Considerations for Mobile App Designing

Think About Relevant Features

Let’s say you wanted to create a mobile shopping app, you would have to ensure all features are appropriate and included. For example if you don’t have a shopping cart then you have a real issue! Also, if you don’t use features that users expect or need then they are more than likely going to turn away. If you need to read more visit our best article here. That is why the relevant features must be used so that the app is more appealing. App developers UK can in fact ensure the right features are added but you must be the one to have the final say at the end of the day. With the right features you should have one less problem to worry about.

Choose the Right Time to Launch

Sometimes, the launch date of your app can co-inside with an important event say a milestone. If you have had the business for ten years, you could launch the app on the tenth anniversary so that would make people more interested to go and see what you have to offer. In the end click this link:http://www.worldviewlearninginc.com/is-it-possible-for-a-mobile-app-design-company-to-reduce-battery-consumption/ for more information. Choosing your launch date would be very important simply because the timing can make or break the app. Also, if you don’t market it well enough then you might find it fails before it’s begun. App designers can absolutely find the launch date helps in a lot of ways.

Make Your App a Success

Designing and developing a mobile application takes a lot of patience and hard work. It isn’t always going to be easy to create a successful app but with a few tips, you might be able to take one step closer to success. Apps are great little tools but only when they work for you. Sometimes, promotion is all you need and other times, it’s more about what takes the world by storm! You never know what is going to make your app a success. Use the best app developers UK and get the success you need for your app today.