How to Take Care of Yourself While you Code

With more and more graduates taking the road of technology, or more importantly, coding,  it’s of growing importance that these students are aware of the health impacts that coding can have, and how they can prevent and remedy them.

If you are a student currently studying coding, below are some important tips which can help.

It’s All About the Screen

It isn’t just lucky chance that the majority of computer coders wear glasses. And with spending the majority of their time glaring at a computer screen, is it any surprise? Whether you have glasses or it’s too late, if you are spending large amounts of time staring at a computer screen then you need to take some steps to protect your eye health and sight.

Simply taking a break from your screen every 30 minutes to one hour and adjusting your focus can have help to strengthen your eyes and maintain their health. Each time that you take a break, look out the window at a faraway object, put your finger to your face and look at it close-up, and then find a mid-way object.

Next up, It’s Your Keyboard

Unsurprisingly, the keyboard poses the next big health concern for coders. Constant typing on a lower quality keyboard can have serious adverse effects on your the joints in your finger and your wrist, leading to early onset arthritis and general joint problems including RSI.

The best way to prevent straining your finger and hand joints is to take a break. Each time that you adjust your eyesight as mentioned above, take the time to give your fingers a rub, a stretch, and a flex. However, it’s important that you do not crack your knuckles as this can lead to problems of its own.

Lack of Light and Fresh Air

It’s no surprise that many coders can spend hours, if not days at a time without leaving the house and often without showering or changing their clothes. And while this is a matter of preference in the general coding community, it can come with its own set of negative health impacts.

For example, the sun is the best way for your body to increase Vitamin D levels, however, is often not seen by coders. This can lead to a reduction in energy levels and potentially depression. If you are a coder, it’s important that you use services like the Groupon Coupons page for Vitacost to ensure you are continually taking the right type of multi vitamins to keep your body healthy.

Adjust your Posture

Do you know what happens what you get comfortable in your chair and you start to code for hours? Your body starts to adjust itself to that position permanently. This is one of the leading causes to people walking with hunches and people incurring lower back problems.

The easiest way to fix your posture is to simply fix your posture! Use the standard metrics for measuring your monitor, keyboard, and desk heights to ensure that you are working in a comfortable and supported position.

While it may not be the career and lifestyle choice for everybody, coding has become one of the most mainstream ways to gain employment. To ensure that you can stay in the game as long as possible, be sure to monitor your own health and well-being in addition to the tips mentioned above.