Top 5 mobile App development companies in the UK

If you are searching for best app companies in the UK, then you are in the right place. The United Kingdom is been referred as the “powerhouse” of app development for the global market, for iOS, Windows OS, and Android platform has been backed up with data proves. Statistics show that the second quarter of 2016, reported about a total of 43 million smartphone users and about 21 million are within the age range of 18-44years has acquired a smartphone. App Development Company acquires plenty of app developers in London and on the far side of it. This guide looks at the top five UK mobile App development companies.

Best 5 UK Mobile App Development Companies

Here are the best five top UK mobile app development companies that offer quality mobile apps. The increase rate of smartphone production in large quantities has complied with the excessive demand for mobile app development thus generating an employment for people. The lists are as follows;

  • Intellectsoft

This mobile app company attends business oriented and focuses on apps and software developer that based in the US. It acquires offices over the globe and determines quality UX/UI interface, assurance, plus maintenance and product scheme. This app development company focuses on iOS, Android, Blackberry, and HTML5. The London office of this company occupies about 230+ app developers that are ready to deliver a quality product. They have a transaction policy, which breaks down cost and prices for app starts at 15k USD depending on the quality of the app.

  • Fueled

Fueled is an award-winning company for apps and website. The sole purpose of this platform is to end users build and scales their business. It is founded in 2007, located in UK and US. They focus on iOS, Windows and Android platform, and consumer products. Fueled an app development company, offers quality mobile app developer, and strategy. They also offer a team of app development, the creation of wonderful interfaces for mobile companies. It occupies about 200 staffs that help their customers visualize and actualize their dreams. See more.

  • Hedgehog Lab

This technology consultancy company designs and builds quality mobile apps. A global-software consultant company that specializes in diverse platform software, which connects device creation. It was created in 2007, and focuses on design, developing & marketing of apps for phones, tablets, TV, and other post-PC devices. This company focuses on IT and Healthcare, with iOS; Android, Web, AR, and VR frequent their target. It considers about 115 employees, with their offices situated in Newcastle and London.

  • 3 Sided Cube

This mobile app development is based in Bournemouth, London and has won the best webby award in 2016 for the ARCBD (American Red Cross Blood Donor app) in the health category. It focuses on Android, iOS, and Cross-platform. A non-profit, retail, and healthcare app development that occupies 24 – 60 employees. It was founded in 2009 and was among the top creative agencies in App companies the UK. This company is known for its innovative solutions for blood winning apps, which has raised about $70 million for the Red Cross Society.

  • Red Turtle Software

Red Turtle Software has been a top app developer in the UK for decades and the mobile game app development company across much business in Britain. It created in the year 2014. This company specializes in C# Web development in bristol
and iOS game app and portrays one of the best plans to develop and launch your app.

Final Verdict

These five app development companies are the best seen in the UK, although there are more other app companies but based on reviewed data, these are the top 5 app development company in the UK. More details in site: